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So much and absolutely nothing
If you dont have a V8,
More conspiracy
Orkney Divil Dug
Mobile coverage
surfing web sites and surfing videos
surfing lessons in Thurso
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So much and absolutely nothing
With so much is going on in the big bad world that must be wetting the whistle of so many of the notorgers I am amazed that the forum isn't flooded with rants and opinions. I don't get a chance to visit often so I am as much to blame as the next one but I do miss the well balanced, level headed and absolutely non- controversial views of the group.
Seems that the silence continues. Not even a glimmer of a Trump review! Perhaps we are all so totally bemused by it all
More conspiracy
Apparently Jeremy Corbyn had a go at that last night at the Commons Brexit vote.  Apparently he got on really well, and all the pussies were successfully herded down the Noe lobby!
Yawn!  Just woke up, it 'appening?
Mobile coverage
Just had a look back on 'e old org to see if its still going (just it would seem) and it appears that half the gripes on there are about mobile coverage.  What I don't understand is why folk seem to be using SIM Operators that are different from the Network Operators, which is fair enough and normal, but that the SIM Operators that they have chosen only have arrangements with single NetOps (Tesco, Giff Gaff, etc) and then they complain of poor coverage??

WTF is that all about?  Sure ...
surfing web sites and surfing videos
does anyone know of any web sites and surfing videos ??
surfing lessons in Thurso
would like to lean to surf does any one know of anyone who can teach me ??
Only on the notorg can I do this
I so want to call a recent poster on the dreaded org a lying fucking tosser but suspect I would be banned (again) so please can I call him that here
North Highland Way
I've seen quite a few posts on here about a dodgy North Highland Way site, so i thought I would provide a link to a better site, hopefully that helps! Any more tips on the route would be great, thanks! Very Happy
Poll on independence
Bad day for wee Jimmy Krankie and Piratelassie;

The majority of Scots, according to a You Gov poll still favour staying in the UK after the Brexit vote.
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Vive le UKIP!

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