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What is it with the Co-Op in Thurso?

I have never seen a more disorganised supermarket in my life! I am in there every day, posting stuff to my customers (in the post office), and always pick up a bit of shopping when I'm in.

Here is how they operate...... they wait until a small queue has formed (usually three or four people) and then they declare over the Tannoy..... " all staff to the kiosk".

The staff slowly make their way to the kiosk and when the customers have been served they bugger off behind the scenes again! 57 seconds after them buggering off you will hear another "All staff to the kiosk" announcement and repeat this throughout the day!

I defy ANY of you to spend five minutes in that joint and claim you didn't hear the "all staff to the kiosk" announcement.... usually made by poor old Margaret who seems to do ALL the work.

Wouldn't it be sensible to have two staff at the kiosk all day long? This is obviously some kind of warped "staff efficiency" idea by the management who have decreased the staff and expect them to do double the work.... I don't know but that is one damned craphole of a way to run a shop!

The worst thing is, I don't (as a customer) WANT to be waiting for staff to appear at the "kiosk", I want to get out of there as fast as possible. They have thrown an additional spanner into the works, I may add, by selling "scratch cards" and checking lottery tickets for lazy bastards that can't be arsed to check their own tickets!

I was in this afternoon and this woman in front of me (obviously a seasoned gambler) handed over a GOOD 50 lottery tickets and asked the girl to check them.... WTF??!  The girl's first reaction was to go to the microphone and announce the "All staff to the kiosk!" alert.

What the hell? It was bad enough before they introduced a gambling terminal for losers scratching cards and buying lottery tickets.... it's a bloody JOKE now!

I feel like shouting out "every motherfucker in the house man the tills NOW!" each time I'm in there...... it's as if the "customer" is secondary to requirement and should more than three approach the "kiosk" they deem it their "reluctant" duty to actually man a till and take receipt of the customer's money.

When you do finally get served there's more red tape to go through........

"Do you have a clubcard?"


"would you like to apply for one?"


FFS!! the same person asks me this EVERY single time I go in!!!

I am (in my head) replying "no I don't have a fuckin' club card you cunt retard and I don't fuckin' want one, just let me out of here!" but am politely answering "no, I don't" (have a club card) each time I go in there (365 days a year so they should know that I am not a club card holder and have no intention of EVER applying for a bastard club card).

The reduced section shit they have is always the same stuff..... OX tongue, Macaroni pies, chicken satay and almost "anything" in their "truly irresistible" range of tastless shite........,.

If I were the manager of that joke of a place I think I would have figured out, by now, that OX Tongue etc. was not a big seller (or a seller, per se) and would have stopped trying to sell the stuff to people who actually possess TASTE BUDS.

No wonder the Co-Op, as a whole, is losing money..... if the Thurso branch is anything to go by then I am surprised / amazed that the co-op has not gone bust a long time ago.

I HAVE to go in there each day to send my parcels (Royal Mail)..... I "could" go to James Horne in Melvich but he's an obnoxious little shit with as much attention to customer service as Stevie Wonder has to performing a triple bypass operation.

Please don't say "go to Tesco" for I will NEVER go to Tesco, out of principle.

Off to make a tuna and sweetcorn "mix" and whack it into a stale (reduced in price) Reid's "overpriced in the first place" bridge roll....... it doesn't get better than that!

Or does it?

That was like readin a thread on e'Org, but with swearing.

I think pinkie secretly has the hots for marge at coopeee

I don't think they are Club Cards, they have membership cards in the Co-op. I remember when if you were a member they wrote how much you spent down in a little book and then every year you got your divi.

Now it's just a ploy, they know who you are and where you live and what you buy so they can profile you and send you targeted advertising. When I had one I was getting adverts for Carlsberg Special or Buckfast Tonic Wine nearly every day so I stopped using it.

Our wee doggie likes the 'reduced' ox tongue and occasionally we pick up her favourite 'Billy bear' or haslet, yum Laughing

I quite enjoy it when they give me a voucher for 3 off when I spend over 30 as I only buy a loaf of bread and paper it makes me feel like they are really trying to keep me as a valuable customer

Pretty much the same as the co-op in Stromness.  Only there, they wait until a large queue has formed before pressing the "more staff" bell!

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