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Wear did yoo lern too reed?

My Grandma taught me, by the time I was 4 years old I could read any books that came my way and recite cricket scores for my Grandpa. When I went to school at 5 years old, I and the other 3 in my class could all read and write perfectly well.
So now the powers that be want all bairns to be registered with their local libraries automatically. What's up with mum and dad doing that? I'm not a public library fan, school ones are OK, you can get books for the young uns if you need them.
What do you reckon?
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Modern parents just shirk there duties (with some rare exceptions), their children always seem to be someone elses responsibilities!!

Its ironic that officials are saying on the one hand that children should be obliged to be library members, whilst the other hand is quite swiftly trying to close them down all over Britain!!

You couldn't make it up!! Rolling Eyes

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