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John Little

Steam trains

Not so daft it seems.  Well done Duke...

Brilliant! Can't wait. I used to live right next to the line in the borders and would stand on the bridge next to the house whenever the Flying Scotsman did a run 2 or 3 times a year.

i'm sure steam trains will be popular with regular rail travellers in large enclosed stations such as edinburgh waverley and glasgow central/queen street.  Rolling Eyes

they're ok as tourist tat but not as regular trains in our major cities.

how much time will they cut off journey times between inverness and thurso/wick?

Depends how fast the passengers can shovel

when did steam trains last run on the line between inverness and caithness?

that last question was a serious one btw.

i probably didn't make myself clear yesterday.

the idea of putting on more steam trains to attract tourists may be a good one. look at the success of the one at aviemore, the "harry potter route" one that goes from fort william to mallaig, and there's another somewhere just west of edinburgh.

my point is that steam trains won't make the trip between inverness and  caithness any shorter. well i don't think they will! the current journey time is far too long and the quality of the rolling stock is a disgrace.these need to be addressed first.

I like the idea of it but personally never use public transport.

The clue is in the name.

Also life is too short to spend 8 hours travelling to and from Inverness. In the same time I can drive to Manchester..ish.

now there's an idea! a ducati train.  Smile

do you never take the plane?

No! You won't get me up in one of those things.

Do they crash often?

Nope, only once. Shocked

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