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Shower or Bath

I have a dilemma these days and I was wondering what you prefer in the way of swilling off all the dust and accumulated toxins each week?

I've always hated baths. It was OK when I lived with my grandma because she boiled water up and dragged in the tin bath every Saturday night. Not so keen on doing it myself when I was older though.

In our bathroom we have the nasty plasticky bath which has a reverse gradient with regard to the plug hole, you have to bail out the last gallon with an old marg tub. We looked underneath a few years ago and the floor had rotted away so when it eventually collapses completely something will have to be done. Hopefully it will last until we die, not bothering then.

I can't use a shower because I can't stand up straight long enough and can't put both arms above my head at the same time.
Cos of my back, I can't lay down in the bath and I recently fell over in it so I'm losing confidence.

Oh dear think you need some help Susie!

You can get small seats that go in your shower cubicle if your having trouble standing, would that help?

Personally I lurve a bath, film star one with loads of bubbles. The shower is just a method of getting clean.  Very Happy

Does Mr susie not have a pressure washer?

Seriously though if you are having trouble with your current arrangements, you should speak to the Highland Council, as they are in a possition to help.

Thanks for these ideas, especially the pressure washer- trouble is ours is a cold water only, that's beyond even my tough exterior.

With regards to Council accoutrements, I'm old-fashioned AND stubborn. Wouldn't ever, ever, ever. I'd get Scabies and die first.
Haggis Muncher

you could always fill the pressure washer tank with Nitromors paint stripper. The burning glow as the Nitromors starts to work would give you a thorough topcoat removal whilst warming even the coldest of bathrooms. Probably have to redecorate every time if you did it indoors so maybe best out in an old tin shed or similar.
Haggis Muncher

or of course you could also buy a humongous heater for the sheep dip pen and go for a swim every week in it. That would soon remove any fleas, tics, and other noxious beasties that pilfer your crusty exterior exudements for a meal.

Go for the easy option and get hosed down would be over I a flash

I would suggest rolling about naked in the mud before being hosed down as this is a good natural 'soap', scrub the difficult or stubborn bits with screwed up grass and mud, then hose down.

You will be brighter than a new pin!!!! Laughing

Of course you need to make sure no one sees you, could lead to long term mental problems for onlookers!!!

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