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Scotland and the EU

Proportionally, Scots pay 5.5 million every day to belong to the EU. That is 365ish a year for every man women and child residing in Scotland.

With our lower income population, that must represent every penny (and some) that a large proportion (if not majority) of Income tax that Scots pay.

I would ask "is it worth it" and why?

No, it's not worth it.

British people rarely describe themselves as European. On the other hand, Europeans frequently describe themselves in that way. Britain was, and could be again, a GREAT country. Brought to her knees by a combination of factors including 2 dreadful wars and Mags Twatcher's personal war against free thinking, working class, honest men and women.
We are, in every way, an island. Geographically and as a people. There is that 'thing' we have that made this country great and will do again when we see the sense in leaving the EU and go ahead into the world with the pride and stiff-upper lipness we had, but now hide. We hide so much of our capabilities AND have many of our abilities knocked firmly on their head by the stranglehold of EU red tape.
I find the EU to be little more than a club, of which Great Britain is a begrudged and begrudging member.

I've no problem with free trade but I do have an issue with being part of a superstate that can't have its accounts signed off.
As for the Margaret Thatcher comments this country's downfall has more to do with overly powerful unions and poor fiscal responsibility by successive labour governments. Also our friends the U.S.of A and their policies during WWII and after with the forced dismantling of the empire and lease lend

You're right about the unions and America MrR. it is however, nightmarish to imagine what things would be like now if the Yanks hadn't eventually done their bit. They could have done it sooner but things never move fast. The unions did play a huge part in bringing fairness to working life. They got way too big for their boots and far too much power was given to top union officials. I've never joined one, if I have disliked places I worked and couldn't change things I got another job. I don't like folk fighting MY battles.
I hate the possibility of the European Federal State and, although I am a quarter German, I despise the Germans for their underhandedness and piss poor attempts to rid themselves of their weird attitude to 'other' people. The beaten Gerries didn't want us in the EU and neither did the poor little Frogs and they have the audacity to tell us what we can and can't do.

My point on America has more to do with the terms and conditions attached to lease lend than how late is was before everyone declared war on them and they didn't have a choice whether to enter the war.
As for federal super states I look at the history of democracy in Germany, France, Spain, Italy infact the vast majority of European countries non of them have a good track record with democracy and in my humble opinion give the, sufficient time and the Federal state would go the same way, as it currently stands it's not accountable enough , imagine if we,give them more power.

Yes. I think we have allowed them to take too much power already. I was amazed to find out some of the ordinary everyday things we have given up to Brussels. Look at the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer debacle. I don't think they should be able to touch us all so easily.

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