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Roly-Poly Kimsy-Wimsy

Captain Pugwash, aka Kim J-U, has returned to public view. That is if the local bobbies haven't been playing with the date on the video. I think the stick suits him, although I would have advised him to have one that mirrored his profile.
Apparentry he is vely keen on Swiss cheese. I'm thinking we should send him a pound of McRerrand's cheddar.
I was reading on the holyinternet that KJU's dad had a cockroach problem. I'm not very familiar with them, the last ones I saw were in Dounreay kitchen. I wonder if it was the North Korean invasion of nclear installations on a global scale?

My name is Ada Bradley, and I'm a cheezoholic too!! It has been two days since I last cheesed!  Embarassed

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