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Petty poly ticks!

Our old chum raghead is waffling again on e other side!!

He says." The Conservative party are cutting income tax and fuel duty which is great news for high income earners who need to drive between their work and rural homes".

Would it not also benefit the many more poorer folk living in rural areas, that have to travel to schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc !!!

Typical loony leftie, everyone should suffer just so the handful of wealthy people don't benefit !!!!!

Rolling Eyes

That's the Trotsky mentality for you. Rather than lifting everyone up, they would rather put everyone down. Presumably to the level their lack of ambition and vision keeps them at!

I've always put the left mentality more down to wanting to be generous with everyone else money and the politics of envy. They either want to give everyone else's money away or want the same as everyone else but haven't got the where with all to make it. Then once they do get in power they expect to live like kings. Look at Scargill and how he treates the miner Union.

raghead's post are rubbish not because he's a loony leftie but because he can't think through his arguments. i always assumed he was in favour of independence because of the naive reasons in his recent expositions. he's as stupid as splodge. that stupidity has nothing to do with left-wingness. stupidity doesn't respect wings, look at some of the right-wing crap that's posted on here.  Laughing

I think we have a very high standard of right wing crap.  Cool

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