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Orkney and Shetland MP

i note the 4 yes folk who took alasdair Carmichael to court are now facing possible financial ruin over the legal fees after they lost their case.
What a shame...... Oh well.. Never mind

One of the 45 stalwarts tweeted cant scotgov overrule the court?😆

They should have just lied, and said it was not them that raised court action!!!

Almost unbelievable, but not quite!

Begging bowls are out again this week, after their fancy, expensive but failed lawyer must have sent in another bill.

Lib dems must be well pleased with them.  After predicting "wipeout" for the lim dem candidate in the recent Holyrood election, the Orkney 4, and their SNP supporters must have been rather dismayed to learn that both the Orkney and Shetland lib dem candidates got their highest share of the vote ever.

The much touted "Carmichael effect" seemed to become the "Orkney 4 and the SNP effect".   Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

I wonder if Shetland and Orkney will repeat their '76 performance and vote out the EU again?

That, Ducati, is probably the most interesting question on the EU thing I have heard

Anythings possible.  A poll running on the Orcadian website at the moment suggests 63% of folk will vote leave, 31% remain with 6% not sure/abstaining.

OK, thats just an online poll and open to all kinds of errors - the truth will come out on the 24th.

What will be interesting to see is if it will complete the following statements of fact;

*Orkney is goverened by a government in Holyrood it did not elect (67.4% of the recent MSP vote went to the Lib Dem candidate - The SNP got just 24.3%)

*Orkney does not want to be dragged out of the UK against its will (67.2% of Orkney voters voted "No" in the 2014 referndum)

*According to the Orcadian poll, Orkney does not wish to be kept in the EU against its will (63% of pollsters say they will vote leave)

I don't think you could get a more disconnected government in Holyrood / political party who have such opposing opinions as to what the people of Orkney want.  If nothing else, we Orcadians are consistent with our 60 odd % of the vote opposing the SNP's hare brained, central belt orientated schemes.

I wonder what the outcome will be if Mrs Murrell complains that Scotland is being taken out of the EU against its will, when Orkney could be both taken out of the UK against its will, and kept in the EU against its will.

Time for a rebirth of the Orkney and Shetland Movement?  You Weekers want to join up too?

I will, but I'm an Auckengillian. Or I will be when me house is finished.🎅

Och, thats close enough. In you come!

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