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Chairman Mao Tse Niall

Naughty Boys & Girls

First I must tell you
You are all banned for life despite the fact you're not murderers rapists or haven't committed  any crime
My word is the law
I am omnipotent err impotent
I am all powerful behind my computer in my office never seeing the light of day or other people
Darth Vader is my hero
You are all very very naughty boys and girls

Bend to my will before I go out of business

FFS Niall
pick your pish stained Y's up from around your ankles, put away your micro penis and open the curtains.
Chairman Mao Tse Niall

My schlong is long I'm known as the 9mm man
Eat your heart out

My mammie washes my thong twice a day there's no stains with me

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