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Lobster Lobbing

So the rich folkies on the liners are in the news.
Down in the galley them there lobsters is waiting patiently to be dropped into a pan of boiling water so they can be relieved of the awful claw pains they've got.
Along comes Mrs F.A.T. Passenger who buys  lobster and chips with mushy peas. She then tells the galley slave to take her lobster a nd put it back in the sea. Oh Lordy, what a ruse. So the slave who lives only to serve the slobbish passengers takes the lovely Canadian lobsy that's come round the Cape, and drops it, complete with rubber bands still on, into the North Sea off Whitby.
Apparently they die nearly as quickly as in the galley. They are turning up in Yorkshire fishing nets.
This may seem a little obvious, but why don't the loony passengers tell the ship company to not bring lobster on board, as food or passengers.

Thats kind of good news for the lobsters, I guess. Would have been better with bands removed though!!

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