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lets go get an award

letsgonorth have been nominated for an award!

there are 4 nominees, of which letsgonorth is one.

you can vote here.

it's not for me to tell you who to vote for, but i voted for

cairngorms outdoor access trust

it's a good project and they are winning the poll at this moment. Smile

Voted, done!!

Voted most definately done

I don't know how letsgonorth got nominated. all the other groups have actually achieved something concrete, whereas she just talks at length and alienates people. she's achieved  sweet fa that you could point to and be proud of. apart from her man running a b&b, which is for real, but you don't get awards for runnning a b&b.   Confused

i was happy to see the hippies at findhorn get nominated. they're as detached from reality as ever, but in a nice way. Smile i'm thinking of joining them when i get old and retired and eventually decrepid.  Very Happy

the cairngorms outdoor access trust are for real.  Very Happy

Aye go on then - Tis done
Haggis Muncher

not that i'm suggesting can always use a different web-browser y'know.....couch cough hint hint and again.....and again......

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