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mrs b
I think it's time you got the broom out and cleared up the site a little, this place is a mess.
Now after you have made my dinner, go and get shot of all these sub forums that are unlikely to be used in the future.
Once you have done that you can do the dishes and iron my shirt!!!

Thanks in advance

Makes it look busy, there's quite a few lurkers according to the who's on-line thingy.

yeah I guess you are correct.

Although she should do the washing up, lazy tart!

I'm on it!

I agree with both of you, so will get Admin out of his box and see if he can tidy up a bit! :-)

Good job Mrs b
Looks much tidier now
It is too harmonious in here though, could do with someone posting that I can argue with


Sorry that's not conducive to argument!

I don't agree most strongly!

Hope someone else comes along as I'm not much good at this!

:-)  Very Happy

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