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Here is something a tiny bit odd

I saw this urlm site on google and visited to see what it said about the other org.
The address is

If you go to the Visitors section it says that 49.70% are from the UK,
33.40% are from India, and 17.00% are from other countries.

What's ul with the Indians then, no cowboys to plah with?

Best of all playmates....... Traffic history for the other place is Down, Down, and Down !

I'm getting a glass of something to celebrate THAT good news.

Well that is rather jolly and it's only worth 12k might make him an offer see if he would accept. But as sight traffic is way down it wouldn't be worth that much now maybe 5k or less

It seems our very own Heisenberg is still this weeks highest poster, despite being banned days ago!!!

That's quite amusing will be interesting to see stats next week

Re: Here is something a tiny bit odd

susie wrote:
What's ul with the Indians then, no cowboys to plah with?

That'll be the Google spider bots I suspect, indexing and gathering info for advertising.  So a third of cunt-face's traffic is automated shite.  And the other two-thirds is just shite.

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