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Happy B-Day Mobile Phones

In 1985 a radical new device was born, the mobile telephone.
What changes we have seen since then, from a brick sized device with a back pack battery to todays tiny emailing, texting internet munching machines.
I do love a mobile but sometimes it is a pain in the rear when I cannot get a bit of peace and quiet.
John Little

You need one with an off switch...

Yes I have one of those, but if I flick the off switch then the other halfs suspicious switch and enraged switch becomes activated.

I can remember the early days when they where the size of brick and cost a fortune to use. I vividly remember the Motorola flip I had in the 80s that would heat up your head if you used it too long. Thankfully those days are gone. Now they just sit and bleep and ring all the time disturbing peace and quiet with trivial stuff that's now become vitally important

I like my mobile but it doesnt half make you lazy....cant even count anymore just use the calculator or no need to think just google it......

I make a point of not googling something that I have forgot.
I heard Frank Skinner talk of it and it kind of stuck on me.
If it is something I dont know then fine, I willl google away.
But forgotten things must be pulled from the back of my noggin, even if it takes me a day or so to recall.
John Little

I find it very useful for that too.

Now if they had an app for people to remember what they went up stairs to get, then forgot, I'd be very happy.

My parents bought a Nokia Walkman in 1985.

It had an 8 hour battery standby and allegedly a 20min call time, in reallity call time was nearer 2mins than 20, but it was a link with the outside world in the remote location they had chasen to live.

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