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I realise this is a bit of plagurism from another thread but what is you opinion of these devices?
Not the military type insurgent deleters, just the ones that have become affordable.
I see them as having the potential to become a bit of a problem.
Thieves could do their recce of whats in your lounge from the comfort of a car.
The press can be taking snaps of anyone anywhere.
Soon I wont even be able to masturbate in my own back garden without fear of a spy drone.

I've no problems with them if they are used sensibly but no doubt there will be problems with people using them for purposes they weren't intended for. Thieves would be one thing but I bet your voyeur brigade will be kitting themselves out with them already. I'd be a bit annoyed if one flew over my house .

Don't you have an unfenced 'open' garden Mi16?

But seriously, I think the press and theives have been using these devices for a while, but I suppose the availability of these cheaper ones means that the lower end of the sleazy criminal fraternity will be using them more often!

Not so good!

I seen some images on youtube taken around Caithness, they were seriously impressive.
A chap was flying a big kite on Dunnet beach and this drone was filming him but it must have been at least 5x the altitude of the kite and a fair old distance from the operator.
I did see over there that the CAA have banned their use in built up areas though.
John Little

Damn!  No more nude sunbathing in the garden!

I think they should be allowed unrestricted use as long as you are allowed to deploy AA measures, or hey and this will be really cool, Air to air drone dog fights! Cool

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