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Changing the clocks

Thank Christ that the clocks go back again tonight, and we can reclaim some of our morning daylight.  About time this twice a year carry on was ditched, and we just stay on GMT.  Midday then remains at the middle of the day, midnight remains at the middle of the night, and anyone who complains that there is not enough daylight for them can stop being a lazy lard arsed git and get up a bit earlier in the morning.

I see that the Ruskies have the right idea, and are saying "Nyet" to any more summer time malarky.

The amount of blue on the map here...

... is getting ever less as folk wise up to this nonsense, and realise that you don't get a second more daylight, irrespective of what you do with your clock.

Im glad the clocks are changing as I prefer light in the morning, but if they would just leave it at that for the rest of the year that would be good.

Very Happy

There must be significant savings to be had by saving all the palaver of changing the clocks twice a year, and simply getting up earlier each day.

All that time spent fiddling with clocks for half a day twice a year wold be reclaimed.  Meanwhile, there would be a one off change to opening hours and the likes.  Banks and shops would open at 0800 instead of 0900.  Ken Bruce would start his programme at 0830 instead of 0930.  Schools would start at 0830 instead of 0930.  Simples.

Pubs would shut an hour earlier to persuade folk to get home and get to bed, instead of staying up burning the midnight oil.

If only William Willett when out for his horse ride in 1905 thought "These lazy bastard Londoners need to get their arses out of bed earlier in the morning", instead of "Lets put the clocks forward", then we would never have had all this hassle.

Bloody horse riders, always messing with things they don't understand!! Tut! Rolling Eyes

Mah, its the lazy bastard townies messing it up for the hard working countryfolk!  Wink

I always though it was for the benefit of the farmers. That was what I was taught at school. We always thought that for some inexplicable reason, farmers felt the need to get up in the middle of the night.

Nah, farmers have long cottoned on to the fact that daylight is (fairly) equally spread around midday.

Townies meanwhile believe that being out of bed should be spread fairly equally around midnight.

For the last couple of summers, I couldn't be arsed shifting the clocks forward in March and back in October.  I can now offer the following completely scientific results from this experiment;

1.  I have exactly the same amount of daylight between March and October as my neighbour who changes his clocks.
2.  My neighbour loses at least half an hour of daylight time in both March and October, pricking about with more clocks than he can remeber he has, ranging from the heating programmer to the one on the dash of the tractor.
3.  Midnight in summer has stayed at round about midnight, give or take a few degrees of latitude here and there.
4.  Anyone who believes that dicking around with time saves daylight is sadly deluded!
5.  Its still only 25 past 9 here, even though its 25 past 10 in other places.  Now remind me again, who has the extra time to play with?  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Keeping appointments at the job centre must be a bit tricky?😌

No body keeps appointments at the Jobcentre!
That's why all the benefit cheats keep complaining about being 'sanctioned' on my favourite benefit cheat parasite telly programmes !! :-)

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